A Sneak Peak at “A World in HDR”

Peachpit, the book publisher for “A World in HDR“, has released the a sneak peak of the book for you guys! I think it looks great so far, and I’m excited for you to see it. You can visit the Peachpit site to take a look at the PDF. One important thing to note is that the PDF is not print-quality. So, the colors and resolution are not “full res”. The final book will be perfect color quality and detail, of course!

P.S. none of the photos below are “zoomable”, except for the “Grassy Roof” one… you can get into the Flickr larger size there. Or, alternatively, you can look at the details on the PDF file.

You can pre-order the book there from Peachpit, Barnes & Noble, Borders, Amazon, or you can pre-order here on the HDR book site on Stuck In Customs.  If you order here, it is a little more expensive, but you also get an autographed copy.  Even better, there is an option to get an signed Limited Edition Numbered print.  The only time I will be offering that is for this pre-order.  Once we stop taking pre-orders, we will no longer offer this print.  Collect it now! :)

A World in HDR - The Book Announcement (by Stuck in Customs)

A World in HDR - Book Exceprt - From Chapter 2

A World in HDR - Book Exceprt - 4

A World in HDR - Book Exceprt - 1

A World in HDR - Book Exceprt - 3

A World in HDR - Book Exceprt - 5

A World in HDR - Book Exceprt - 7

A World in HDR - Book Exceprt - 9

A World in HDR - Book Exceprt - 8

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