Steam from the Earth, an upcoming video, and a book preview!

The photo below was shot in the Norris Geysir Basin of Yellowstone. I put together another “Walking Around Yellowstone” video with some HDR how-to activity. I think you will like it! I go through three shots and show three finished products. This is one of them. I should release it sometime in the next week or so.

Also, I got good news on A World in HDR, the new book that’s shipping before the holidays! Our publisher, Peachpit, is going to put about 20 pages from Chapter 2 online for viewing on Friday! So, come back around 1 AM CST or so on Friday morning and I’ll put up a sneak preview! Very exciting! I know you guys and gals have really been anticipating it, so I’m happy for you to see it!

Steam from the Earth, an upcoming video, and a book prev

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  • Deron Kamisato

    Was this from a single raw file or did you have to meticulously mask in the steam?

  • Gail Moshier

    Wonderful capture of another part of Yellowstone, love the colors!!! All of your Yellowstone photos are so beautiful!!! Looking forward to the preview of your book and the video. Thanks for sharing. Have a wonderful day.

  • Jason

    Great shot Trey!

  • Tim Limon

    Nice work. The steam plume rising up looks a bit soft for my taste, perhaps motion blur between frames? An issue I have with clouds on windy days. What if you took an additional shot with flash aimed at the plume, then layered it in post for more sharpness? It would draw the eye a bit more. Thanks for inspiring us all!

  • Timo

    Beautiful picture!
    Although there is no sun you can still recognize so many details.
    The steam and the red sky in the background make a good combination.

  • casusan

    Great shot Trey! Love the mountains and pink golden tones in the background!

  • Jill Baxter

    Leaves me with so much to contemplate.

  • Stuck In Customs

    Thank you! :)

  • John Maslowski

    Stunning image with superb details, contrasts and tones. A great capture of this fascinating natural wonder.

  • Leo Teles

    This is gorgeous. Not only the picture technique, but the place as well. I can only imagine this must’ve been something hard to photograph as an HDR because of the instability of the geiseres. Great result though !

  • LightningPaul

    This looks great!

  • paul cowell

    Trey – still need your help. I have mailed your business mail address for an update but no reponse as of yet. I would like to know what will happen to my pre-order for the international shipment that i placed on the first day of the book launch – i am concerned that i will not get the signed print ? Please can you have somebody respond. thanks

  • Jacques (fotofreq on Twitter and flickr)

    Man this is great! Cool video too! Smurfilicious!!

  • MarcusAdkins

    Great Photographs!!

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