Ripping through the streets of Tokyo

Before I describe this photo, I would first like to thank RC Conception for the nice evening.  RC is one of the gurus over at Layers Magazine, and he came to Austin to teach a class for the Adobe Creative Suite along with Dave Cross. We met this evening at the Hilton and then we went out to shoot some HDR together before heading to a nice Italian dinner. He’s a great guy… very nice and clever. You guys can follow him on Twitter here.

RC did come over to my home for a bit to see Secret Project #133. It is loosely related to this photo below. Those of you that subscribe to the Newsletter will be the next to see… It should go out in the next few days.

The photo below was taken on my final night in Tokyo. It was rainy, cool, and perfect for street photography. It’s hard to explain HOW clean my sensor was in this photo. I had the privilege of taking it to the Nikon Headquarters in Tokyo and having the sensor cleaned by a real Japanese guy. It was a religious experience — and it only cost $10! What a deal!

Ripping Through the City Streets of Tokyo

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  • Deron Kamisato

    Nice shot! I was there around the same time you were, struggling to keep my camera from not getting wet. I can appreciate how hard this shot must have been to take.

  • momoc blog

    Japan where camera technologies was invent. Beautiful country with high technologies.

  • Jacques

    Man! I sure could have used a visit to the sensor fairy at Nikon HQS in Tokyo! Instead, I had to do it myself because my pictures were starting to look like an Oreo cookie had been rattling around in the camera body for a week! Nice shot of Tokyo!

  • Timo

    Great picture!
    I cannot imagine you used a tripod there (standing in the middle of the street taking pictures while cars are passing by) – that must be a from a single RAW I guess?

  • Laura

    The lens flare spot look really nice in this one!

  • casusan

    Oh wow! Cool shot – beautiful and filled with lively colors!

  • Jean Pierre Dagenais

    Hi Trey,

    As I have said before in previous mails, your work is a source of inspiration for me. So, that I decided to relaunch my blog little just like yours. I have started to publish few HDR pictures by week, from the travels I have done so far. I also took the freedom to put a link to your site in the list of my favourites. I hope will not mind ?

    I wait with a lot of restlessness the publication of your book. It will be a Christmas present for many of us.


    Jean Pierre Dagenais
    Montreal, Canada

  • Stuck In Customs

    Thank you – appreciate it

  • Dale Martin

    Wow Trey!! You lucky dog!! You got to hang out with RC!!!

    Great photo by the way!!

  • LightningPaul

    Great view!

    I’m also willing to clean your sensor for $10 :-) Though I’m not Japanese but Belgian.

  • Essy

    Tenho 81 anos, estou surpresa e entusiasmada com a tecnica e escolha de imagens e sons por Vcs. Parabens continuem firme para gdes sucessos e para nosso conhecimento e alegria de viver.

  • Susan Caplan

    The only bad thing about this shot is it was taken after the book has gone to publishing, so it won’t be included!!!!

  • Navas

    Fantastic depth to this image – almost 3D!

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