Talking on the Jeejah

One morning when I was walking around Angkor Wat, I saw this monk there, chatting away on his mobile phone. I thought it was just all so unusual — I had to take a shot! Many monks from all over Asia come here on pilgrimage. I suppose he could have been talking to someone in his home precinct. Are they called precincts? I don’t know.

Also, if any of you have read the new Neal Stephenson book, you will get the “Jeejah” reference. It’s a very interesting book about, well… I am not ruining anything here, but it starts out with the tale of a monk. They are not familiar with all the technologies used by the outside (extramuros) world, and they call mobile phones “jeejahs”. There is a whole array of new words in there for the new world he has created… his books are thought provoking as always.

Talking on the Jeejah

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  • Roy Scheeren

    His forehead tells me you used a flash. :D
    Cool picture though, this backdrop is going to be hard to beat

  • luke

    is it not considered taboo to photograph monks in buddhist countries? :S

  • casusan

    Wow – I never thought about a monk having a cell phone!

  • Stuck In Customs

    Roy – yes I used a flash indeed – it was so dark that I could not get him lit the right way…

    Luke – No – not taboo at all

  • Alan Kesselhaut

    It’s not taboo to photograph monks. Have done it in many countries. Just be polite and ask permission.
    Great shot.

  • Marianne Wedell-Wedellsborg

    Surprised they have cell phone reception way out there. This is one heck of a shot, Trey. Love the way you focused your light on the foreground in pp.

  • Sinead Harnwell

    Fantastico Trey :)

  • Noah

    Is this a single shote or multiple? Did you use photomatix to process the pic? Thx

  • Damon Billian

    “is it not considered taboo to photograph monks in buddhist countries?”

    Generally speaking…most monks don’t mind being photographed. I personally don’t do it too often because it makes me feel strange (monks are held in the highest regard in places like Cambodia and Thailand).

    Your pics from Cambodia are making me think about taking a trip there again. While I had my SLR during my trip there, it was hard to take any solid photos because I was traveling with someone & the humidity (getting in and out of the car) generally meant I had to wait minutes before the fogginess would disappear.

  • Jason

    I suppose he could have been talking to someone in his home precinct. Are they called precincts? I don’t know.

    its normally referred to as “Home province” another state (US) or county (UK) is called a province in South East Asia.

  • Rajanish Kumar Jain

    Very nice pics
    Real color

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  • Sports Photography Blog

    This is one of your best shots i see sofar. love the simpleness and then the power of the hdr makes it amazing! like art.

  • Jeff

    Love Neal Stephenson! Read just about everything he’s written! Jeejah! The picture says it all…Great capture of ancient places and new technology!

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