A Classic from Amsterdam, the Swirling Sunset over the Canal

I was going through a few old photos and I was not sure if I ever posted this one or not!

I was in Amsterdam for the Reason conference (a gathering of a Libertarian bent).  It was really cool because I got to meet Trey Parker and Matt Stone (creators of Southpark), who were also there at the conference.  Towards the end of one day, we all got on a private boat to take us around the canals of Amsterdam.  I got a chance to talk for a while with the former prime minister of Estonia when they made the transition to the flat tax.  Very interesting to me… economics is one of my hobbies, so it was a kick to hang out with all these think-tank guys and gals.

At some point, I left the conversation to climb on top of the boat to take this photo.

Canal Cruise

This is Matt

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