Industrial Storage in Houston

On the drive back from Houston to Austin, I pulled over to a small town just outside the sprawl. One of them had a bunch of old industrial tanks, pipelines, towers, chutes, and other mysterious bits and pieces. The light was getting just about right, so I started walking around to explore it with my tripod. I set up here and fired away.

Industrial Storage in Houston

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  • Shaurya

    Amazing!!! feels like i am in a gaming arena without a gun..

  • Mark H

    Love this shot! As an avid gamer I appreciate scenery like this.

  • Stuck In Customs

    Thanks! Mark, I’m an avid gamer too… I’m right there with ya :)

  • Lefty Rodriguez

    Out of curiosity, what town was this in? Great shot!

  • Sathya Sayee

    Looks like one of the PS3 games…. Looks fabulous

  • casusan

    Cool Trey! Love the look of the tanks!

  • Mike Diblicek

    Hi Trey,

    Great photo, love the composition.

    All the best


  • Jacques

    Awesome photo! As other have said, a very First Person Shooter feeling; reminds me of the hours I have spent fragging baddies in games like Half Life (original and 2) , Ghost Recon and Battlefield! Thanks for the memories.

  • Lauren

    Great eye! Another very cool HDR shot–I always enjoy your work.


  • Travis

    Makes me think…if I shoot one of the barrels will it explode?

  • Kristen B.

    Beautiful shot. Would be a perfect place for my son’s band promos! :)

  • Walid Rahman

    It’s called old katy i love it everything there is very old and rusty i got some great shots.

  • Stuck In Customs

    Thanks all!

    Hehe cool that you were just there Walid — Katy – that sounds right!

  • Tuomas Leppänen

    Wicked except enormous amount of pixelation on sky. Dunno if you care but try creating photofusion image and mask sky from it. It creates very nice skies without pixelation.

  • Tuomas Leppänen

    *Exposure fusion* Correction to previous

  • Gail Moshier

    Great job, Trey. I normally wouldn’t even look at a picture like this, but you brought such depth to the photo, it comes to life!! Turned into an interesting group of structures to look at. WTG!!

  • Stuck In Customs


    Thomas – I left the noise there on purpose this time… usually I get rid of it… but I liked it in this grungy case.

  • Tuomas Leppänen

    Hmm have to say after looking another time, its might add some depth. It looks bit like “radiation” on sky which suits this as it looks like 3D shooter :P

    Btw, I do HDR photography too but more locally as I can’t afford to travel a lot. If you have time sometime and want to, you could check some of my pics and give some feedback? Tho I can see you’re very busy. Drop me a msg on facebook and Ill give few links if you want to.

  • riverio

    hi…awesome photo….where exactly is this at ? old katy where at?

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