After Breaking the Ice

When I was in Iceland, I made a visit to the dock area. The edges of the dock were just beginning to freeze and occasional snow would blow in and pile up. All the ships were giant, metallic, and cold. I thought about what a hard life it would be to work on one of these ships. I don’t really like being too cold and I’m not sure if the old “dress in layers” trick would work so well when out on one of these ships in the north Atlantic. Those guys that do that every day are tough!

On this one, I kept the aperture pretty wide open to minimize ship movement on the rolling water. I don’t normally tell the software to automatically align images (mentioned in the HDR tutorial), but this time I did.

After Breaking the Ice (by Stuck in Customs)

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  • Mike Diblicek

    Hi Trey,

    07:30am here in France as i write.
    Just had to get up to let the dog out, checked my mail, visited your site as always first thing, see you posted earlier today, nice surprise so early.

    Nice shot, and love the nice subtle colours.

    All the best


  • Sathya

    This is fantastic trey.

  • Patrick Ahles

    Great reflection!

  • André

    Well, the shot is really a great one, but to me the ship looks a lot more like a whale hunter than an ice breaker.

    And whale hunting is just disgusting.

  • Gail Moshier

    Love the reflection of the ship, whatever it may be, in the water. Great shot, Trey. Have a great Sunday!!!

  • casusan

    Cool shot Trey….it does look cold!

  • Rosa

    A wonderful shot! Great composition!

    I just discovered your site and wanted to let you know that your photos are stunning…



  • Stuck In Customs


    Mike – I can picture a nice summer morning in France right now… I’m jealous!

    Rosa – Great – glad you found your way here…. welcome! :)

  • Olya

    Love the colors in the reflection!

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