The Roadside Beauty Salon

Are you ever driving down the road and you see something that looks like it might be an interesting photo? But then, you start thinkin’ about turning around to take a photo, and then you think about it some more, and then by the time you get around to really asking the question in a serious way, you’ve discovered you’ve gone much too far and it would be silly to turn around now? Well that almost happened to me here… but I trained myself a while ago just to immediately turn around and not ask questions. This is a similar phenomenon to the “just 5 more minutes in bed” problem, which is also a slippery slope.

I found this beauty salon one evening when driving between Houston and Austin. It was just sitting there, all neglected…. and I felt like someone needed to pay attention to it, so I did for a short while.

The Roadside Beauty Salon (by Stuck in Customs)

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  • Jonathan Martinez

    beautiful buddy!

  • Dan

    ItT couldn’t be more beautiful Trey. I almost stopped in the middle of a two lane iron bridge crossing a river when I saw the light coming through that structure…

  • Matthew

    Absolutely fantastic Trey. I have the same dilemma almost every day. Good philosophy.

  • Eric Mulvin

    Trey you captured my exact feeling every time I drive out here in AZ. I would take days instead of hours to drive if I listened to that voice in my head. Sadly I wish I did more though.

  • dan leitch

    wow. really nice shot. the sky looks really dynamic and colourful.
    on a more irrelevant note, is -1,0,+1 autobracket enough or do i need -2,0,+2?

  • Dod McKnight

    Cool! Could be a still from Rob Zombie’s ‘House of 1000 Corpses’, dark yet colourful/magical

  • Alex Macnab

    Your comment is one of the things I look forward to doing more when I move back to Texas next year. I dont have a car living in London, but having grown up in Texas and taking road trips all over the state, I am very familiar with the great shots to be had, especially off the highways. Trey, how fast does your D3X fire off its shots. I ask because I see the cloud movement in your shot, but I would have guessed the cam would fire so fast as to remove cloud movement?

  • Donnie Boyd

    Dark and beautiful. Why are we attracted to old, solitary, worn out buildings. I guess they are more interesting than new, crowded, ugly strip malls.

  • Gail Moshier

    So glad you listen to that still small voice, Trey!! The sky looks like ours does this morning, except it looks like we are going to have some pink in the clouds. What a find, and such a lonely looking spot. “The Ghost Beauty Spa” out in the middle of no where. Neat photo, great job!!!!

  • bob


  • john

    Wow, Texans love their space!!

  • Sathya Sayee

    Stunning picture Trey. Do I see more grains in the cloud? is it because of the HDR processing or general noise?

  • Richard Uchytil

    Great colors and the sky is awesome!

  • Samantha

    This is the type of thing I’m always looking out for on the road, and it looks like you hit a goldmine with this shot! It has the perfect lighting, the HDR treatment is great for a shot like this, and you’ve got the abandoned feel nailed here. Nice work!

  • Stuck In Customs


    Sathya – Yes – this one I left a little grainy and dirty

    Alex – Yes — daytime shots often provide enough light for 5 very fast exposures, minimizing cloud movement.

  • Ferrell

    Photographers driving down the road log in more time in “Reverse” than any other hobby/profession. It’s true, I did the study, second place is absent minded drivers. Cool shot Trey.

  • Stuck In Customs

    Cool – hey thanks Farrell :)

  • lc italia

    after a long absence of following up on your beautiful pictures I am back once again to appreciate them. Thank you once more for sharing…

  • Ken Liu

    I created my first HDR pic today, and it’s all thanks to you. It was only upon stumbling on your web site that I learned about HDR and all of its beauty. Thank you!

  • Cory Meals

    Great shot! I drive by this (and the other “moved” buildings that dot that stretch of 290) every day heading to work from downtown Houston. I never thought it could look so good!

    You should check out the new football stadium being constructed just up the road – it’s massive, and I am sure there are some good shots there as well!

  • Joy Li

    I’m sorry, because of my negligence, mail twice.
    For the inconvenience to you,I feel so sorry!

  • donna

    wicked picture, excellent photography!! do you sell copies of your work ? donna

  • Stuck In Customs

    Thanks everyone!

    Donna – yes I do – that “Buy Prints” over there on the right does indeed have a selection of prints.

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