The Violent Volcano

I thought this mountain and cloud formation was too perfect to ignore. Clouds always do strange things when they pass over mountains, but this one seemed particularly violent and unexpected.

This is not actually a volcano. it’s just a regular old mountain in the Andes that had a nice little volcanic shape. I skirted around it for a while (skirting is quite a trek at this radius), until the angle seemed about right… although I had to skirt fast before the clouds changed. I have always wanted to take a photo of a volcano that is erupting. I climbed up part of a volcano that was erupting in Costa Rica, and you could see the red rocks, but I got absolutely zero good shots. Oh well… some day!

The Violent Volcano (by Stuck in Customs)

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  • Digital Mom

    Another amazing shot. You never fail to impress!

  • Jacques Gudé

    Awesome processing on the clouds! Looks like massive tidal wave rushing over the top of the mountain.

  • Frauke

    Hey! This one makes me want to pack my stuff and camera and go!

  • ParentalPal

    I call him the four-dimensional photographer. Trey has a way of picturing things, places and people three-dimensionally AND make you FEEL them too. Astonishing.

  • Matthew

    Very good. Maybe I am just a nerd, but I get a Tolkien-like feel to this one. Excellent image.

  • sathya sayee

    this is a cool shot trey!!!. The mood is captured beautifully.

  • Stuck In Customs

    Thanks y’all.

    Matthew – Yes it does have a Tolkienesque feel to it. Or maybe a George RR Martinesque feel to it! I do recommend “Game of Thrones” to everyone that likes Lord of the Rings.

    Jacques – yes it does remind me of a tidal wave too.

  • Nathalie Dallaire Dale

    I like it a lot, the sky color is great and the clouds details are beautiful.

  • casusan

    Wonderful shot Trey….you’re right too – the clouds are perfect!

  • Indibang


  • Samuel Ludwig

    And I thought the clouds above this volcano I photographed in Guatemala last summer were impressive…

  • Steven Pepper

    Love this shot. I have been following your blog for a while now and im always impressed with how your HDR shots dont look overdone like many others. Keep up the good work and entertaining shots. yes, i think i’d like to shoot a volcano too!

  • Richard Uchytil

    Awesome clouds!

  • Gen Wood

    Your pictures are impossibly amazing. This is the one that struck me as the most powerful.
    I am an amateur photographer with a passion for nature. I hope one day I can capture something half as spectacular.

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