Lunch at Chateau Rodin

I had been hiking around Paris with way too much equipment for several hours. Whenever, I’m in photo-gatherin’ mode, I am fairly tireless. I go from spot to spot like a Navy SEAL… but this day, I actually planned to have lunch at Chateau Rodin, the famous estate of the great French sculptor.

I had some food in my backpack that I had picked up at a small store a few hours before… a fresh baguette, a selection of cheeses, some fruit, and few truffles for dessert. I sat down at the edge of the fountain with my tripod up, aimed, and ready to go. I relaxed for a bit, listened to some Gotan Project on my iPod, and waited for the clouds to get just right.

Lunch at Chateau Rodin (by Stuck in Customs)

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  • Patrick Ahles

    Great shot, Trey! It reminds me of some shots I still have to process.

  • Stephen Yang

    you are such an inspiration

  • Ed

    Wow man! the water looks amazing.

  • Arnaud

    Oh man.. great taste in your locations AND music! :)

  • Zak Shelhamer

    ohh heck yeah! I like all the lines leading to the building.. nice

  • Pranav

    Like the colorful landscape! Lovely capture of the reflections too…

  • Arup Maity

    lovely capture and processing as always…..

  • LightningPaul

    Stunning image! The lines formed by the clouds, trees, water lift the image a lot.

  • Mike

    Hi Trey,

    Superb image, it makes you feel relaxed just looking at it, beautiful colours.

    All the best


  • Facebook User

    love it
    great water

  • Stuck In Customs

    Thanks yall…. I always like finding a bit of smooth water for the shot! :)

  • Dave Wilson

    This is definitely one of my favourite places in Paris. Another beautiful shot – thanks!

  • Gail Moshier

    Breath-taking picture, Trey. Looks like a peaceful place to wait for just the right shot. Back in cold Montana!! Drove through rain, snow, sun, but mostly cold yesterday getting home. I backtracked through your pictures that I had I missed, loved them all. So sorry about the Smithsonian restrictions, and Oprah isn’t worth your time even thinking about!! Congrats on another great picture!!

  • Dale Martin

    Great shot Trey!!

  • Chad Heckle

    Hey Trey!
    Glad you could stop by my house for lunch!! HAHA!!
    (I wish!)
    Another great shot!!!

  • casusan

    Oh wow – beautiful shot Trey – the lunch sounded good too!

  • Robert Murray

    The inspiration overflows out of your work… Im leaving now to go find some of my own!

  • Stuck In Customs

    Hehe thanks! cool stuff there Robert :)

  • Bob the builder

    They seriously don’t build ‘em like THAT anymore!! Awesome building and such serene surroundings.

  • Kathy

    Wow! That’s an amazing shot!

  • Jeff

    Funny isn’t it Trey, how you are right in the center of this Incredible City, yet here this garden and home is there to enjoy like you were out in the country… I never got the chance to walk around the grounds, but it is truly a wonderful place to be… Tres Parisian! Love the way you laid out the shot of this beautiful place to share with everyone… Did you scare off the Tourists or just get lucky… haha!haha! it truly is a lovely neighborhood as well. I used to love walking around and just looking at everything in the morning. by the way did you go to the “St.Germain du pres” Church it isn’t far away, it is truly amazing looking at this 12th century church there… Ah Paris in Spring…

  • Thomas McCarty

    I was in that spot last April. Note that the the statue in the fountain is shooting “the Moon” at us.

  • Michelle

    Gotan Project good choice to accompany the shoot. I love your work. Am mesmerized.

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