Inside My Secret Cloning Chamber

I would love to have a mad scientist lab that is only accessible via a retinal scan and a special dance. Inside I would have all kinds of fabulous things, including a clone chamber where I would clone myself several times so that I could keep track of all my various social networks. The clone would, of course, have the same retina, but it could not gain access into the mad science lab because it would fail the special dance bit.

I’d very much like to record a music video in here alongside Flight of the Conchords.

As you can see from my intricate tagging system, this was shot in Chicago. Who is the first to know this location? ..and my Chicago insider is not allowed to say! :)

Inside My Secret Cloning Chamber

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  • Birgit

    This is a guess from someone overseas…. It looks like a hotel, and I am just guessing: Wyndham Chicago….

  • Jeff Jones

    I like it! very soothing, tranquil yet vibrant…

  • pradyot

    wonderful details. fabulous! lighting details are just too good to be true.

  • Zim

    Looks like the perfect place to read a book…

  • Chris Lorenz

    As always Trey an amazing photo. I might have to stop commenting so I don’t sound redundant. Keep it up man! It’s crazy to think that the last 3 photos you have had have been from patagonia to disneyworld to chicago! You must be perma jet lagged.

  • Robin Liu

    Hi, Trey. After I have found your site through Flickr, I fell in love with your work and come here everyday to see your updates. I will support you forever, and hope I will be as a good photographer as you someday.

  • Anirban Chatterjee

    it surely looks like the capsule hotels here in tokyo…futuristic indeed

  • Mike Spivey

    Don’t know where it is, but the pods are shaped like The Bean. Is that significant? Great stuff.

  • Jess Hughes

    Awesome room – it would indeed be well suited for a FotC video!

  • Trey Ratcliff

    Thanks yall! :)

    Mike – yes they are in the shape of a bean… I guess I never noticed that and its relation to Chicago. I guess it’s a coincidence?

  • Trey Ratcliff

    Chris – I don’t travel from place to place THAT quickly! :) hehe… I have photos that I take on previous trips and process them later! :)

  • Martha

    Hey Trey! Are you going to the Flight of the Conchords sold-out show here in Austin? Early May, I believe at the PAC.

  • Richard Uchytil

    Cool room and great story! Having a secret room like that WOULD be a blast!

  • Justin Kern

    My guess would be the Sax Hotel (based solely on your having stayed there recently – though I’ve heard there are “nap” rooms designed for business people looking for a break in some of the office buildings.

  • Shelley

    I don’t know that much about photography, but I just wanted to say that I stop by here several times a week just to get a feast for my eyes, and get a little breath taken away from me. Your photos are stunning.

  • Anthony

    I think Justin is right! I just did a google image search, “the Sax Hotel,” let’s just say it was very convincing…

  • jelb

    great effect..Amazing post-processing..Bravo!

  • Trey Ratcliff

    Thanks all –

    Yes Justin & Anthony – this is at the Sax hotel! :)

    Martha – I would love to go, but I don’t have tickets!

  • TSL

    Great work great site… glad i found you!

  • Stuck In Customs

    Thanks! TSL – glad you found you way here!

  • LightningPaul

    LOL :-) Funny title for this image.

  • laura bednarski

    Sax Hotel! Looks great.

  • Jacob W Crosby

    HAHA! Flight of the Conchords, you rock Trey! I live the feel of this photo too.

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