Sunflowers at Sunset – Oh, and I’m making a short film

This photo from Butte, Montana, was much harder to take than it might seem!

First of all, these sunflowers are tall – and I mean tall! They must be between 6 and 7 feet in the air. I was on the ground with them, so, of course, I was looking UP at them. No one wants to see a shot like that…!

So, I put the camera on the tripod, set the timer to 5 seconds, extended the legs, set the manual settings correct, then jacked the whole thing in the air, holding it rock steady while it took the exposure. Getting a steady horizon while holding the camera 12 feet in the air is not easy… and after a number of takes, my shoulders were just about spent for the rest of the night.

As for the little announcement there, I am working on a short film. It’s from Patagonia and somewhat experimental. I expect the debut to be right here on on Friday, April 17, so stay tuned! :)

Sunflowers at Sunset

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  • pat


  • Sandra Sigfusson

    Fantastic image. The golden sunset makes the sunflowers absolutely luminescent. Well seen and captured! Cheers, S.

  • Ed

    Amazing as always. You need to revisit this site and take a bird-eye view picture of those sunflowers. I think that would be a striking image.

  • Ahmed

    Trey, I like your D3x over your D2x, but this is beyond technology. This is unbelievable. I’m listening to Beethoven’s 9th and looking at this. First movement of the symphony. Let’s just say I’m very happy right now :)

    This shot is Epic.

  • 6uold

    I just figured out that you took this photo at sunset, not sunrise. Sunflowers follow the sun until they produce a large head at which time they freeze facing east. Since those have large heads and are facing away from the sun, the sun must be setting in the west.

  • Patrick Ahles

    One word: awesome!

  • Neil Howard

    Nice work Trey. I can see you in my minds eye doing that with the camera ;-)
    I look forward to seeing the film mate!

  • Erwin Gerung

    look forward to the short film!!! I’ll definitely watch it!! I know it’s gonna be stunning just like your other masterpieces.

  • Nir Dremer

    Absolutely gorgeous!

  • Stephen

    The image I have of you trying to stand still while balancing a D2XS on top of a tripod hoisted up into the air is fantastic! That is true dedication to your art and a length not many people would go to :)

  • Brooke Barber

    Puuuuurty!! So will the film be in HDR? :-) Very curios minds (mine specifically) want to know.

  • Dale Martin

    Looking forward to the short film!! We’ll see you on the National Geographic channel soon??

  • Stuck In Customs

    Hehe thanks all :)

    The short film is an experimental thing… not HDR! :)

  • Jason

    That’s a great shot man, the effort paid off…lol.

  • Indibang

    See you can do it without tripod if need be. Great shot worth efforts.

  • Indibang

    I wish you had waited a little more for sun to go down a little bit.

  • casusan

    Oh wow – how lovely! Super Trey!

  • http://yahoo Jolene

    All I can say is SAWEEET!!!

  • Richard Uchytil

    Wow! You’re better and holding a tripod way up in the air steady than I am at holding the camera against my face. LOL! Love the photo and the sea of yellow!

  • Anton Broberg Holm

    Great shoot! I would have liked to see it a bit harder cropped in the bottom.

    Looking forward to the film.

  • Gisele

    Another great photo! Awesome.

  • gypman

    Trey, another great shot. But that’s why I like to keep a folding ladder in the trunk when I go out shooting. I’m short guy, and often there is some object in the way, between me and my subject.

  • Stuck In Customs


    Haha Gypman.. a ladder.. I should do that too!

  • Eric Mulvin

    Yeah I can bet that was hard to shoot. I’m really looking forward to this short film!

  • chaise lounge


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