The Glowing Forests of Endor

It was dark in Hangzhou, former home of the Song Dynasty in Southern China. The Songs ran the show until the Mongols invaded in the 1200’s. No one ever expects the Mongol invasion.

Now it is devoid of Mongols, but it is filled with cute Ewok-like creatures that live up in the hills and along the idyllic lake.

The Glowing Forests of Endor

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  • christof

    I have been there! West Lake is pretty nice. Amazing that Hangzhou is a rather small town with its 5mio citizens! ;-)

  • Stephen

    Now I want to visit China! I always love these shots where lights are reflected in the ice / water.

  • Deb

    Beautiful!!! I can almost see the ewoks peeking through the trees! Thanks for letting me visit these wonderful places through your eyes!

  • scott webb

    I want to travel and see china.
    That is really cool for sure. I need to save and take time off work to travel the world.

  • Stuck In Customs

    Thank you :) Yes – many beautiful places out there waiting to be explored!

  • Gail Moshier

    What a wonderful photo, Trey. Just looks magical. Love the colors and the water reflecting the light!! I, too, thank you for taking us places we otherwise would never see. Great job, thanks for sharing :-)

  • Indibang

    I love those reflections in water too. This is just lovely… reminds me your Iceland photo.

  • Facebook User

    Just like “No one expects the Spanish inquisition,” right? Heh.

  • casusan

    Wow! Beautiful Trey!

  • Paige

    Beautiful trey!!! I feel like i was there!!! :)

  • Gelay

    Hello Trey, Greetings from the country of Bhutan. Excellent work, I have been following you for a while.

    A quick question – what do you use to connect this wordpress blog to your flickr account? How do your flickr pictures appear on this blog? And it seems that you have the same write up for pictures on this blog, as well as with the pictures on flickr. Do you just copy and paste, or does it happen automatic?

    The reason I ask is because I have a wordpress blog, and I would like to connect it to my flickr account. Any advice? Anything I should lookout for?


  • Richard Uchytil

    LOL!! Love the description. …and glad to find another Monty Python fan!

    ….oh, and another very beautiful, awesome, fantastic, wonderful, supercalifragilisticexpealidotious photo! ;)

  • charles

    Love the new site! Great picture!

  • Stuck In Customs

    Gail – thanks – yes come with me any time :)

    Paige – good to see you! :)

    Galey – Hello from Bhutan. Glad to know I have a strong following there! ha :) WordPress has a thing (maybe a plugin called Flickr Photo Album. This lets me pull in pics from Flickr. I just copy/paste the same text to both places.

    Richard – hehe thanks Richard

    Charles – thanks!

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