Join me by the fire?

I notice that good interior design, once rare, now is pervasive. Something has happened in the last 10 years that has enabled the best interior designers in the world to get their work spread widely. It’s snowballed because now everyone has high expectations everywhere they go.

When I stayed in Houston, I went to The Magnolia hotel, since it was recommended by Tablet Hotels, which is my favorite hotel booking site. I normally don’t like giant hotels that are impersonal and predictable. The hotels in the tablet line seem to put a premium on good design and are more along the “boutique” specialty locations. Often, I find, they are cheaper than the Hiltons and Hyatts of the world too.

The other half of good interior design is that it is traditionally very difficult to capture in a photograph. Have you ever been somewhere really cool, taken a shot, then gotten home and said, “well it was much cooler in person!”. I think the problem lies in the detailed textures and light levels that change on a small scale. The eye can pick it up, but the typical camera method can’t. Of course, this HDR method I use and describe in the tutorial is perfect for picking up the subtleties of the textures and light.

In other news, the nice people at Fotoflot sent me a sample of their work using one of my photos. I put up some photos here that you can check out.

Join me by the fire

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  • Jozef Vaclavik

    unavailable :-(

  • Jozef Vaclavik

    but i saw it on flickr.. damn.. the lights, the colors, the shadows.. very nice :)

  • Skreid

    Saw it on Flickr too, again a great

  • Angela Osborn

    Photo currently unavailable. Saw it on flickr. Beautiful photo. Not my taste in decorating though.

  • Tablet Hotels

    Glad you like our site – Thanks for the mention and hope you enjoyed your stay at The Magnolia!

  • Stuck In Customs

    There – I think I fixed it ! :)

  • Angela Osborn

    Yay, it’s fixed. I just had to look again. I can almost feel the textures. Stunning. And thanks for mentioning Tablet Hotels. I looked them up. Stunning. Their decorating is simply yet so stylish. I love it! If only I could visit one or live in one. They even have a few in South Africa! At least I can tell my friends about them too, some of them might even be able to visit one.

  • Michael Downey

    Wonderful job Trey.You are a master at this.

  • Gail Moshier

    Looks so inviting, Trey. Sounds like a good way to find nice places to stay. Who wants to stay in a sameo sameo place. Would love to sit in front of that fire. You captured the essence of that inviting place very well!!!!

  • Buab


  • Stuck In Customs


  • casusan

    Really cool shot Trey – yes, I’ll join you!

  • Facebook User

    Love the textures. Feels almost… buttery?

  • Vince Cardillo

    That fireplace is epic.

  • Aeran Shabi

    I like the idea you’ve got with this picture Trey, and I have been to the Magnolia many a night to watch some great live jazz. I do offer one detail to question, it seems as though in this picture, and in several of your pictures, the lighting almost takes on a gas-made-of-gold look. This causes many of the highlights and mid-tones to glow with this artificial hazy metallic look. It takes the photo from being super-realistic in its exposures, to more dream-like. I’ve watched you do a nice, brief tutorial live before, and I understand that you do this on purpose. My question is, why? Just a curiosity.

  • Stuck In Customs

    Thanks… Good question…. I don’t know why other than… I just like it! :)

  • Craig Stevens

    This has to be one of my favorites that you’ve taken. Nice shot

  • Dave Brown

    Wow. Just….wow. the textures are incredible, it;s like I can feel the place just by running my hand long my monitor screen.

    Nice work.

  • Facebook User

    great interiors! love how you captured it!

  • Trevor Holms Petersen

    WOW, the colors of this photograph are so inviting and warm!

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