Another Night in Austin

Daily Photo: Another Sunset in Austin

I think many people in Austin know this place!

There is a cliff wall that can be traversed up the side on an easy trail that overlooks the 360 bridge. It’s always a beautiful place to come see the sunset over the Colorado. I walked up here a few nights ago when I had the feeling that a good sunset was coming (it’s in my bones now). There’s also this oddly-shaped tree up there all by its lonesome, and I felt like it should be included too.

Another Sunset in Austin

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  • Naureen

    this is amazing!!! i love the reflection on the water.

  • Kati Debelic

    Love this shot! (and all the previous ones, especially the big Christmas tree at the mall, and Cambodia pictures. Love your style!

  • http:[email protected]/ Stian

    Awesome shot!…:)

  • TomC

    Brilliant shot!!!

  • Dale Martin

    Awesome awesome!!!

    Way to go Trey!

  • Laura

    Amazing shot….honestly I think all of your photographs are amazing. I am an Austinite, currently living in Europe, so I am always very found of your pictures from home. They remind why I love home so dearly.

  • Facebook User

    Well my wife just looked across and said “who did that? Wow That’s good”
    so there!

  • Cristhian Bedon

    This is a great photo, great work.

  • Chris Culp

    Wow, you inspire me. Amazing shot and great composition with the tree.

    Okay, now it’s time to stop taking ‘wannabe, hold-my-hands-steady’ HDR shots, and bust out the tripod, every time. No excuses!

  • Stuck In Customs

    Thanks everyone! :) hehe. Yes time to bust out the tripod Chris!

  • LightningPaul

    Fantastic view and light.

  • Tim Solley

    Dammit Trey! I left Austin a year ago, and shots like these aren’t making me miss Austin any less! Damn you!

  • Brandon W.

    I have to say that this is one of the best I’ve seen of the 360 bridge! I should be there on Sunday evening/ night to grab a few shots, hopefully the weather isn’t to to bad though like it here right now.

  • mike harris

    Hey – that’s one of my favorite spots! I took some pics of a band up their once. Crazy SOB’s insisted on a shot IN the tree!

  • Fred Schmidt

    Tisk, tisk, Trey…just up the cliff from our office and you didn’t even stop by for a beer? What — do we have to you run into you by chance in some remote Asian airport to see you anymore? Huh? Way overdue for a hang, amigo. :)

    Oh…another killer pic BTW. :)

    And I think your Facebook connect button on this Comment form may be wonky. This is the 2nd time I’m having to complete this. First time I also clicked that button…it wiped out my comment and never posted it, neither to Stuck nor to my FB page/feed/whatever (at least that I can tell).

  • Stuck In Customs

    hehe – thanks mate – yes we will get together for sure.
    Thanks for the feedback on the FB connect thing – we are re-doing a few things and will get that fixed ! :)

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