John Deere at the Ranch

These old tractors are always interesting to photograph. I don’t know why! I really have no penchant for tractors one way or another, but they have a nice feeling about them for some reason, especially with a pastoral scene in the background… like a cabin with smoke coming out of the chimney. And just in case that chimney runs out of firewood, there seems to be a bit extra right around here somewhere…. now where did I put that extra bolt of wood?

John Deere at the Ranch

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  • Jay P.

    I visit your site just as you post a new picture. Thanks for the quick email linking me to your site. :) Amazing shot as always.

  • Dale Martin

    Great shot Trey!!!


  • Zak Shelhamer

    D3x now hu? nice little camera you got there. looks like it takes good photos too.

  • Birgit

    The colors are fantastic in that shot – I like the green of the John Deere. Interesting angle. Again – very well done!

  • Mike

    Hi Trey,

    Superb colours, superb composition, perfect angle, excellent photo.

    All the best


  • Stuck In Customs

    Thank you. It’s obviously a bit distorted, but maybe that’s what I like about it! :)

  • isabella

    beautiful pics

  • DEE

    I live on a farm that keeps John Deere tractors in good, shiny shape. How did you get this one to look so awful?

  • Fenraven

    Tractors are a staple of people who shoot in HDR. Besides, the country is full of them. I especially like the old ones, with the seats whose stuffing is coming out, and metal that is rusted and pitted from age.

    Nice perspective on this shot; showing the location by shooting through the barn was terrific.

  • Gail Moshier

    Wow, brings back memories of days of my youth on the farm!! Nice photo, Trey!! from your oner handed friend in Montata :-)

  • Hector Garza

    Those greens came out superbly.
    What I love the most are those small details… like the smoke coming out from the house’s chimney.

  • John W

    Hey Trey, I love your work! This is one of the first sites I go to every morning.

    I don’t see where you have ever talked about how you frame and present your work. Do you like the traditional frame and mat approach or do you do something a little more unique to complement the uniqueness of your work? I am sure others are curious too.


  • Adnan H.

    Nice picture as usual Trey. Just a question, a lot of your HDRs look stretched and out of proportion in some parts of the shot (e.g., the lower left wheel of this tractor is going sideways), is this a side effect of piling 5 pics together or a wide angle lens?

  • lindsay

    :) i think it’s “extra cord of wood”… not bolt of wood…. bolt is for fabric, i’m pretty sure.

    anyway… i love your photos!

  • Nick Moore

    Excellent shot! @ Adnan H: It’s probably distorted from the 14mm-24mm lens at it’s widest setting.

    Is there anything particular marketing-wise you followed to become so popular and have your name known? I am starting up my first website and the lack of visitors is quite disappointing.

  • Sarah @

    I really enjoy how the green of the tractor jumps out at you!

  • Stephen Zacharias

    Hey Trey this one is great. I was actually just on Flickr looking for pictures of tractors. Then I decided to come over here to see what the latest posting was and I see a lovely old John Deere. Made me chuckle. Nice work as usual. Grew up in the country with many John Deeres around.

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  • Bob the builder

    Greeeen Acres is the place for me….faaarm livin’ is the life for me………

    I heard the name of the tractor Eddie Albert always had sooo many problems with, but I forgot it. This one looks almost as bad as his! Nice picture – I like the view out the barn of the house, trees, & the hills. Very serene scene.

  • Stuck In Customs

    John — I try all kinds of printing – I think this stuff looks best on Canvas

    Linsay – you are right of course – a cord! I knew that…hehe…

    Nick – Thanks — well – it is a massive combination of things. I spoke about it for a bit the other night at the little engagement. I think the answer is too long to put right here!

    And thanks to everyone else for the good comments. Sorry it takes me a while to respond – I am covered up lately!

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