The Warm Curios Inside

I can’t believe it was closed and I couldn’t go inside.  Look at all the little interesting things in there to explore.  I rattled on the transparent glass and some gal I didn’t know shooed me away.  I’ll go back there one day and I’m sure it will open on up…   I mean come on…it’s me!

The Warm Curios Inside (by Stuck in Customs)

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  • Bisma F Santabudi

    Great work!! Your work always makes me want to grab my cam and go outside my cubicle :)
    How many exposures you took for this image?

  • Patrick

    Love the colors on this one. Also the texture of the panels in the doors is great.

    Super shot!

  • Birgit

    fantastic colours!

  • smiles4angels

    an inviting shot! love the exposure :P

  • Fenraven

    I love taking pictures of store display windows. In an effort to embrace the winter, I went out driving this last weekend (on the first almost-warm day we’ve had in three months!) and headed down the Great River Road to Alma, WI, where I got a terrific shot of a colorful leather shop…which had only plants in the windows. Very interesting…

  • Stuck In Customs

    Thanks – and thanks for the link too :)

  • Stuck In Customs

    And fenraven – I really like that little gift shop. I have one kinda like that too I will post in a few weeks!

  • Fenraven

    Thanks for taking a look. Aren’t such stores just great? When the weather warms up some (we’re back in the deep freeze again today), I plan a few driving trips to some really interesting little river towns. They are generally full of cool places like this. I’m looking forward to seeing the picture you refer to.

  • Natt

    this place remind of the pinocchio woodshop. it got the magical glow that feel as if it is a really magic store. maybe that is why she doesn’t want you to enter the shop, afraid of turning you into a puppet.

    on a different note, i will try to catch up to the level of your work :) slowly but surely… you know, school and all sigh…

    thank you for THE inspiration !!!

  • Indibang

    Good picture! I wonder how you get such perfect lighting?

  • scott webb

    Love the overall treatment.
    Do you by chance contact the store or give them a business card to check out the site later?

    Oh the lucis work…. *sigh. I have experienced trials and I have a savings account just for it. What would you say, take the money you’d save for lucis or put it into towards a lens? Or something else?

    so many questions!

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