The Mysterious Bones in All of Us

Okay maybe we can have a fun, meaningless contest here on the blog, eh? Who is the first to identify this bone? The winner gets a hot tub weekend with the elusive Dr. Electro who is a frequent guest of the blog, who I just assume, for some reason, has a hot tub.

I found this bone at a terminal moraine in a granite-strewn flood plane between Wyoming and Montana. I don’t know if that provides much of a hint… but maybe.

I’ll tell you the process I went through… I was lucky enough to spend a few days with Jack Horner at this really unexpected scientific and libertarian conference. I figured that he would know what the bone was, which, of course, he did, but he was unwilling to answer my simple question. He made me reason it out for a few days…and look for more bones. Jack has a very interesting way of teaching people things… and most of what I ended up learning had very little to do with the bone itself.

Here are a few other hints that are not really much good at all. That is my hand holding it. As for the relative size of my hands, I can tell you confidently that I have a man-hands that can tear apart lobster like Jerry’s girlfriend. Also, between thinking sessions, we used it as a marker for bocce-ball, and it never splintered or shattered.

The Mysterious Bones in All of Us

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