Meandering Through Life

These rivers always seem to have a nice sense about them. Meandering about the meadow by day and then heading into the narrow canyons at night. It seems like a peaceful existence…

This comes from my textures tutorial located right here.

Meandering Through Life (by Stuck in Customs)

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  • Casper

    Nice one!

  • dana richardson

    happy december trey

  • tratcliff

    Thanks Casper and Dana… Happy December to you too! :)

  • Eugene

    Very nice one Trey. Love the texture effect/look

  • Gail

    very nice pic, Trey. Reminds me of our state. Hope you can come to the Bitterroot Valley and takes pictures some day.
    Where did November go???? Time flies when we are enjoying life, hey!! Hope your December is a great month!

  • DEE

    Very nice. Not at all like Northeast Iowa.

  • tratcliff

    Thanks! I’d love to come to thE bitterroot valley!

  • Ole

    Forgive my ignorance ~~ but what is the green ‘arrow thing’ in the river?

  • tratcliff

    Aha – that is a lens flare. It happens a lot with this kind of wide-angle lens. Some photographers clone/stamp technique to remove the lens flare — but I like to leave it in because they are always pretty and unique.

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