The Skies over the Alamo

It’s hard to believe that the Alamo is just a bit over an hour from Austin. I think I’ve only driven down there three times since I have lived here, but it’s always a good time. On this particular day, the sun was setting and some rather moody Alamo-esque clouds were rolling in… just in time for the tripod!

The Skies over the Alamo

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  • Walter

    Because of its urban location good pictures of the Alamo are very scarce. This is the best I’ve seen!

  • John

    I used to live in TX and have been to the Alamo on a few occasions. I have to ask, how on earth did you take this picture without getting a person in it? I’ve never been there without people milling around.

  • ryan

    straighten that pic!



  • Dr. Electro

    Okay, Ryan, the perspective of the shot is looking up a small hill. The photo is straight.

    From a native Texan: Remember the Alamo!

    It really sounds funny when you know that alamo is the Spanish word for cottonwood tree.

  • tratcliff

    haha thanks all :)

  • pointman

    What I find unbelievable is that some joker on the riding mower got away with making all those swirly marks in the grass. Fuglyness messes up the whole shot.

  • Thomas L.Bihari

    I like the patterns in the lawn. Don’t forget the landscaper probably had no foreknowledge of somone needing perfection in a photograph at some time after doing his job.

  • Allette Wellauer

    Wow! I LOVE the angle of this particular shot. Do you use some kind of special lens to get this ‘fisheye’ effect.

    I agree with the previous posters. I have never seen the Alamo devoid of people and I have been there probably 10 times!

  • tratcliff

    Thanks! This is a 10-20 mm sigma lens… it helps with these kinda shots!

  • mark lancaster

    how many people did you have clone stamp out of this one??? :)

  • tratcliff

    Haha — Just ONE person to clone stamp out — over there by the gate… believe it or not… some silly tourist that was just turning in circles…

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