The Dragon Gate in Malacca

The little streets of Malacca had all sorts of interesting temples and stores full of antiques and curios. I don’t normally talk about curios in such high regard. Curios in other countries always seem better than curios in your own country. And thus, we end this diatribe on curios.

The Dragon Gate in Malacca

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  • Ole

    Just want to tell you how much I am enjoying your site. It came up as a choice on my Yahoo home page and am glad I ‘signed’ on. Keep the great stuff coming!

  • Bart

    i googled ur site by searching for HDR pics and i just have to say ur pictures are amazing!
    keep up the good work!
    greetz from holland!

  • Mamnoon Kazmie

    I love travelling. Except China and Russia, have visited several countries around the world.

  • LadyExpat

    Lovely shot. The only time I was in Macau it poured rain the entire time. I definitely want to go back when the weather is a little nice. Well, actually, a lot nicer!

  • ritchie

    very interessant, your site is in my bookmarks . i also make sometime hdri with photomatix or with dynamic photo hdr (sorry can’t speek very good english) but i yhink that somme pictures sould to be redressed so like this..

  • QuaChee

    the colours are astounding. and i agree seeing our country can be interesting :)

  • Vithal

    Dilute Vishnu’s Power? Dude, you are a good photographer but a poor spiritualist.

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