Camel in the Wild

This Dromedary, or as I like to say, this open-toed ungulate, was running at full speed as I managed to grab this quick one before being trampled. I was just kidding about calling it an ungulate…. only a nerd would do that (looks nervously both ways).

Camel in the Wild

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  • Michael S.

    Excellent work on this one Trey! Love the sky….beautiful processing. What lense were you using on this one?

  • Hans Mast

    Yay for nerds! Where was this?

  • tratcliff

    Thanks! I was using a 12mm lens I think… this was shot in Johnson City, if you know where that is…

  • Embassy Pro Books

    Thats a great photo, how do you get the colors so vibrant? I have a vivid setting on my Nikon D80 but the colors never come out like that.

  • Hans Mast

    Thanks for the answers, Trey!

    Embassy Pro Books, see Trey’s HDR tutorial.

  • matan

    was this HDR made from a single raw file ?

  • tratcliff

    Thanks… yes this was from just one RAW.

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