Isabella and the Accident

I’ve never posted videos before… and this one has nothing to do with photography… just a funny little thing that happened at home this weekend.

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  • Catherine

    Cutest thing I have ever seen! Love your interaction with her!

  • susan

    Awww!! Sooo cute – you both are the cutest!

  • Maggie

    You are a great dad, and your daughter is SO beautiful! Hope it wasn’t too hard to clean the pee pee out of the teepee~~

  • Denny

    I laughed really hard. Especially when you said peepee in the teepee. You are a very talented guy.

  • tratcliff

    hehe – yes she is cute…

  • Kevin Stoe


    When she runs for Gov of Texas will this haunt


  • Joe Pulcinella


  • Ryan G

    Some fantastic images. Thanks for sharing.

  • IvOnNe MaTuSº

    Extremely CUTE! I love your pictures but this video is just the best, thank you for Share! :)

  • gemmie

    PEEPEE IN THE TEEPEE! LOL your work is amazing! as soon as I have some money I’m going to buy photomatic and learn how to do this HDR stuff! I’m not quite sure about what to do when u take the photos do u just have to take them at different exposures like when printing a test strip in the dark room?


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