Alone around 10 PM – Just me and this tempting French creperie

It is my favorite thing in the world to wander around foreign streets at night… all alone… just me and my iPod. I’m much too weak to avoid passing by these little creperies without stopping in for a fresh French pastry… I mean, who in their right mind could avoid that?

Alone around 10 PM - Just me and this tempting French creperie

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  • skidoo

    now the question is: what kind of hotel is across the street??? is it me, or it’s a naked woman on their banner?

  • SamLaTricoteuse

    Hey – and in which part of France was this one taken ?

  • Terry

    @Trey…your work is superb. No wonder some of your pieces are in the Smithsonian. Keep it rockin’!

  • tratcliff

    Thanks! This was shot in Lyon.

  • tratcliff

    Thanks for the previous comment – By accident, I deleted your comment!

    Anyway, I used a sigma 10-20 mm lens. I believe my exposure length was around 8 secs.

  • canon a2000

    kara, perfecto

  • Casa~Belle

    I’ve always wanted to visit France. Beautiful shot.

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