While I was in Montana, I was able to stay with a good friend.  As part of the "payment" for staying there, I offered to take a few shots of his adorable grandkids.  Here is one of the ones that came from the click-fest.  This was shot inside of a teepee, which has excellent light reflectivity, for those of you that ever get the urge!


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  • http://www.DanielHellerman.com Daniel Hellerman

    WOW~! The detail and clarity in the eyes are amazing, its amazing!

  • susan

    Awww….she’s adorable alright! Super one Trey!

  • http://www.pbase.com/zarabeth Fenraven

    Very nice. Lovely skin tones and blonde hair and the eyes are incredible. I rarely take pictures of people, finding them often less than interesting, but then I see a portrait like this and wonder “Why not?”

  • http://dianevarner.com Diane – Daily Walks

    Your work is blowing me away!

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