An Electric Night in Times Square

I have always thought this ABC studio with the curved marquee is the coolest building in Times Square. I am not exactly sure what is happening in that still there, but I think that girl is holding up a pregnancy test.

An Electric Night in Times Square

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  • susan

    How you got this to come out sooo clear I’ll never know! Wonderful shot Trey!

  • Alvaro Ball

    this is perfect things

  • Angelica Cordova

    Hi! I just think this picture is great! And I was on the internet looking for something like this because there is a competition in Denmark about new ideas to improve the use of energy, and I need to add a picture to my idea but I would need your permision to use yours, of course if I win I will let you know. =)
    Hope it is possible,
    Thanks a lot,
    Lysa Angelica Cordova.

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