The Homes by the river in Indonesia

The density of the homes was remarkable, everyone right on top of the next. We walked down through the little houses and got a hundred good shots… each one was brightly and individually painted and festooned.

The Houses By The River in Indonesia

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  • Dani

    I recently discovered your website while looking for HDR tutorials and loved your work. I am just begginer in photography. It would be nice if you could make a note of shutter speed, aperture and perhaps some tricks in postprocessing. Thanks.
    BTW, great tutorial!

  • MIchael S

    Looks like a great place to explore. There are probably alot of wonderful people living in that cluster.

  • Embassy Pro Books

    the colors in this photo are amazing!

  • Scotty Graham

    I know exactly where this is…next time you are in Indonesia, sure hope we can hook up for that long overdue beer…good job, Trey!!

  • Maleah Robertson


  • boed

    It’s located on the river bank of Code, Jogjakarta right in the heart of the city. A famous architect-cum-human right activist along with the people living here had developed this area and the community. The late Romo Mangun (the architect) received an Aga Khan award in 1992 for his work :)

  • eko darmawan

    this is touching, i’ll be there someday!

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