A Midnight Walk in Ukraine

Why was I walking around at midnight in the middle of a snowfall in Ukraine with my tripod shooting? I just can’t remember. I don’t remember much about the Ukraine and those cold nights. I can’t decide if I repressed them or have selectively forgotten or some delightful combination thereof.

And Ukraine taught me a new level of cold that I thought was reserved somewhere in the nether Dante regions…

A Midnight Walk in Ukraine

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  • http://nowebsite andriy

    saw few of your pictures – great examples of HDR, i’d say they’re inspiring.
    im from Ukraine and was surprised you have 2 pics (that i saw) from my country because considering your style you could have shoot loooooots more beautiful places.
    or it was just to see Chernobyl?

  • http://www.plaksey.tk Illya Plaksey

    I’m from Kharkiv and many times went to that place to eat..that is so weird!

  • John Richardson

    I live in Bila Tserkov in Ukraine, my first winter here (2009-2010) was so damn cold I almost could not believe it! But I am used to the fact that I am gonna freeze my ass off and still take photos too!

    Thanks for the website, I will save up for your DVD’s. Do you ship to Ukraine??

    John Richardson
    Bila Tserkov, Ukraine

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