An Inspiration for a Painting

Because my photography is Creative Commons (no commercial use without permission), I open it up to be used by other artists to create derivative works. I get all kinds of emails from all over the world to see amazingly interesting and great things. One such email I got recently from Katey, whose cool website I invite you all to visit, who has taken my photograph of Valeria’s afghan and turned it into a painting.

I’ve put the these below, followed by to owner of the Afghan herself, Katerina of Siberia. Note she does not go by that name in public, but I think it would be cool if she did.



This is Valeria

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  • susan

    Oh wow! Amazing painting! She’s very talented!

  • Michael S.

    As always, your posts are nothing short of inspirational. Artists helping other artists….nice :)

    And yes, I agree Susan

  • Tenzin

    Hi… nice to visited your page.. glad to meet here.. i hoping to hear from if u can… i a tibetan budhist monk from south india… if you visit our monastery then let us meet here…

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