The Grandeur of Notre Dame

This is the tiny little hillside chapel of Notre Dame de Lyon. It was a healthy walk to the top all by my lonesome with my tripod and ipod. It was once again one of those places where you are not supposed to use tripods. But I simply state that I am on a mission from God, and then they generally back off either in awe or confusion.

The Grandure of Notre Dame

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  • Michael Steighner

    Hey Trey, FYI, the D3 fires off so fast in continuous mode that with the high ISO quality, you can sometimes nix the tripod. My shot of LED columns outside Ballys was handheld. Its a great camera! Now I just hafta learn how to use it :)

  • Mike Clemons

    when you shoot something like this, do you use the bracket feature or do you set up, set +2 shoot, reset shoot, set -2 shoot. how many frames do you normally go for in a “quick shot for God and Country” before you get pounced on my the tripod police.

    enjoying reading your tutorials, great stuff.


  • tratcliff

    I do use bracketing when I shoot like this… it’s nice and fast… and Steigner – I am MEGA JEALOUS!!!

  • M a d . P h o t o . W o r l d

    How is it with the bible .. something about not “taking The Lord’s Name in vain” .. or something close.

    But i think he will forgive you, the picture is a good advertisement :)

  • Michael Steighner

    Sorry Trey, didnt mean it it that way. Guess you gotta sell a few more textures (hehehe)

    Speaking of jealous, you’ve been to some pretty cool places! What an intense bank of memories you are creating!

    Thanks for the daily inspiration. :)

  • canon sx100

    really gorgeous picture, brilliant job

  • Denise

    You crack me up! I’ll have to use the “mission” line next time someone gives me a hard time! I love your site and your work. It’s totally awesome!

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