The Burning Sun in Cambodia

I’ve never sweat as much in my life as I did while exploring the remote parts of Cambodia. This temple was about an hour by sketchy motorbike outside of Siem Reap. There was absolutely no shade anywhere, since the only parts of the temple that remained standing offered no cover at all!

The Burning Sun in Cambodia

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  • Michael S.

    I love the perspective on this one Trey. I vote for a Trey Ratcliff you tube channel. Nice work :)

  • Chris Ridley

    Lovely angle, great use of a wide lens… loving the sun there, really feel that heat!


  • McFester

    I can feel the heat coming off the laptop.
    Dont know if I like the idea of a hour by sketchy motorbike, but looks like it was wort it…

  • Eric

    Great picture….You picked a great angle and the composition is great.

  • EvanSpellman

    shooting into the sun looks super to my eye and I try it lots, sounds like it was pretty hot there!
    I really like the frame effect created here that highlights the background of the building.all the best
    Evan Spellman

  • tratcliff

    Hey thanks all… ! Glad you like this one… always interesting to see what you guys and gals think!

  • canon a2000

    di da di dam – wonderful

  • Mesa

    I love the photo a lot! You probably went there around summer like in March or April that’s why it looks hot! There are places around the temple that you can relax on the tree! Inside the temple it is cool because the stone creates a good temperature

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