Not Lost in New York

Here I am in the middle of Times Square in New York on a perfect night. The sky was this strange blue color of a cool dusk night and every light in the city was in full burn. Enjoy!

Not Lost in New York

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  • tony dee

    Damn, this aint the 42nd street I remember. The Deuce looks like Disney World on steroids!!

  • Lubna

    I love this shot of Times Square. It makes me yearn for New York – I really LOVE NY and it been a few yars since I visited last so this pic really does it for me – Now I gotta go!

    BTW that moon shape in the sky isn’t the moon -I find it appears on my digital images too sometimes – I can’t explain why or how tho’ :-)

  • alexandru savu

    Great Colors.

  • McFester

    Fantastic colours and framing

  • tratcliff

    woo cool – More of these coming soon!

  • Scotty Graham

    Trey, I was just reading on Scott Kelby’s blog about all the trouble people have in NY with tripods. With all your shots in NY, have you ever had trouble from security or police when using a tripod?

  • tratcliff

    hehe – no I never have trouble with tripods in NYC. Mostly, it’s because I am a lot more charming than Kelby and a lot more funny.

  • Scotty Graham

    good answer…ha!

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