The Nightlife in Shanghai

Shanghai! What a crazy cool place… It has 200% the energy and activity of New York… Very fun and exciting. It was good to have a local group of friends to show me the best haunts… of course I was a bit of a drain since I had to carry my camera around… but… comon of course!

The Nightlife of Shanghai

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  • Mike Hedge

    love this shot!

  • Mcfester

    Fantastic colours.. looks like a groovy place to visit.

  • tratcliff


  • Jerry Van

    Another great shot well super colors. Have you looked at the Lowepro Slingshot 300 for packing gear? It looks like it would work well for street shooting. Keep on posting dude. I have to get more active on my blog instead of looking at all the cool sites available. The joy of arm chair travel.

  • J.K. Bowman

    Trey, I’m convinced your camera is stuck on awesome.. 8)

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