Three Monks in Afternoon Repose

I was in a remote area of Angkor Wat by myself, or so I thought. For whatever reason, there was absolutely nobody around and I was searching parts of the old abandoned temple entirely by myself. I came through a passage to find these three monks resting on the stairs.

Three Monks in Afternoon Repose

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  • Mcfester

    Very envious of all the amazing places you have visited, my job unfortunately involves no travel so generally have to make do with the local scenery.
    Were the Monks surprised to see you ?

    I thhink tis shot works well in Black and White with a Sepia tinge

  • Jen Weaver

    your photos of your travels are beautiful!

  • Jonathan Connolly

    Hey I am interested in doing some work with you for your photography. Let me know if you are interested in shooting for us. Email me at Thanks man great work!

  • http://non Randy O’Hara

    I am a professional photographer and it is rare for me to find something so amazing out there that I have never seen before! Kudos on this and all your work!

  • tratcliff

    Thanks yall!

    The monks did not seem so surprised… they rarely seemed surprised by anything! :)

  • acer4una

    I come from Cambodia and have been to Siem Reap to visit Angkor Wat twice. Way back 10 years ago, the place just looked magnificent without too much intervention from human. Two years ago, I went back, and there’s been so much change to it. There’re too many tourists that their every step is polishing the rocks. It’s so slippy at some places. And the government has contracted some private company to ‘restore’ Angkor wat, which make it look artificial. However, the place still looks magnificent if we ignore those things.

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