The Exposed Temple Hall and the Third Stage of Enlightenment

The Buddhist Temple of Borobudur has several concentric levels, each going higher and higher, each level a more significant plane of enlightenment. Monks are supposed to start at the bottom and spiral their way to the top, contemplating the countless reliefs and 500+ Buddha statues. I spent almost the entire weekend there and made the walk more times than most of the monks. Plus I was carrying a tripod and not wearing sweat-wisking robes… I don’t know if this means I am more enlightened or just more tired.

The Exposed Temple Hall and the Third Stage of Enlightenment

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  • Nicole

    Of all the photo’s I have seen, this one is by far my favourite! There are about a million things right about this photo…

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  • Scotty Graham

    I agree with Nicole, Trey. Great shot. Did you use your textures in this shot? I would be interested to know how you processed this photo…really nice.


  • tratcliff

    Thanks! This is a 5-exposure HDR with lucky sun placement for streaks on the sigma 10-20!

  • Michael

    Amazing. Simply jaw dropping.

  • canon sx10


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  • Amir


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