Caged Buddhas High in the Temple in Borobudur

The stupa is covered with Buddhas, most of which are encased in these bell-shaped cages. Early during the sunrise, I went around from cage to cage to peer inside with a flashlight. Every buddha is holding his hands in a slightly different arrangement. It was super dark and moody while I was there, and I was going to freak out if I peered in on one of them, and his pose was to block the flashlight from his eyes.

Caged Buddhas High in the Temple in Borobudur

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  • al erickson

    any idea how many buddahs there were?

  • Robin

    This one blows me away. Love this series of photos. Seems like a overwhelming place to do a shoot. I’m so jealous.

  • tratcliff


    I think there are about 200 buddhas all around and inside the temple… I might be off by 50 or so!

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