The Back Entrance to Angkor Wat

I spent a very long time in and around the temple with a monk friend I had made. We walked all around while I gave him the third degree on Cambodia and the Khmer Empire.

This is part of a new textures tutorial I have going up  later this week!

The Back Entrance to Angkor Wat

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  • Alfa147x

    wow looks like a million dollar painting !

  • charles

    very interresting!! This looks more like a drwaing then a picture. Are you sure that you haven’t moved to scetching??

    Either way it look good.

  • Rahmi

    Wow, your pics are unbelievable! They are so beautiful.

  • tratcliff

    Thanks! Haha I am moving on to sketching… but not ready to show off any of my work yet!

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