Rushing Past German History

This reminds me of my best friend and partner who majored in 19th Century German History. I am sure he knows who all those people on this famous Dresden wall are. And what good does it do in our friendship and business? None.

Rushing Past German History

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  • How To Become a Photographer Blog

    Your HDR pictures are so surreal, this is like looking into this world from another dimension.

  • Alfa147x

    God I can’t wait for your tutorial!
    Ever thought of writing a photography book?

  • domesticshorthair


  • tratcliff


    Yes a lot of people ask me to write a photography book… no time I am afraid! :)

  • Scott Z

    Trey-What type of lens do you use for these wide angle shots?

  • fswerk

    well actually it´s just saxonian history

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