King Survivorman the Second, Golden Heads Abound

These are the golden heads of Suryavarman II in Angkor Thom in Cambodia. His face is all over every tower in every direction. I can only imagine a similar temple with Hillary’s grizzled visage staring out in every direction…

We call him "Survivorman" among my friends because we play a lot of Civilization IV and the Khmers are one of the races that always comes up. We have trouble saying his real name, so now we just default to the Discovery Channel guy.

And yes… I know this picture is BUSY, but that’s okay when you wanna get busy with this sorta thing.

King Survivorman the Second, Golden Heads Abound

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  • kay lash

    Not Suryavarman II but Jayavarman VII !

  • Daldianus

    Wow, this slightly hurt my eyes! ;)

  • Alfa147x

    Wow just wow!
    Great depth

  • Eric M

    ha awesome pic. some of the clouds look like they dried up and are cracking apart.

  • Reachhane

    This is a great pic. My fiancee has been showing me pictures you’ve done, and the ones in cambodia are awesome! Cambodia is where my parents are from, so of course i’m cambodian. my mom wants to one day go back home. If i show her these pictures she’ll want to go back. =) Keep it up!

  • Eat Great Loose Weight

    Nice blog. I’m glad I found it. All the best, Randall

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