In the rain on the streets of Austin

Motion capture…
In the rain on the streets of Austin

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  • Alfa147x

    wait is that one picture or 2 combined via PhotoShop ?

  • Sara Bradshaw

    WOW! I just found your page because I am trying to learn about HDR. I LOVE your work!!! You truly are amazing!! Thank you for the tutorial!

  • tratcliff

    Thanks. It’s actually about 8 pictures – I will talk about it in an upcoming tutorial! :)

  • AA

    I like the trails, she could be an urban fairy or other magical creature of the city (if such a thing could exist), running past plasma screens, LED signs and other light sources and smearing the light towards her path.

    If you are using 8 pictures then probably only one was captured with a delayed flash setting…hmmm.

  • Gordon

    good shot of jessa – I like the ambiguity in the direction of her glance

  • canon xs


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