Memories from Costa Rica

It’s been a while since I have been in Costa Rica, and I was looking at some of my old photos… I found these to post – I thought you all might like to see!

The Arenal Volcanic Plume

Half Obscured Sun

Milanese Muse of Dance

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  • Wendy Piersall

    Is she holding that I THINK she is holding in that statue?!

  • tratcliff

    Haha too funny… never looked that close! :)

  • Patrick

    Looking very close, but alas… they are some sort of castanets… ;)

  • Daldianus

    They’re gorgeous and they make me wanna go there right now :)

  • AA

    I like the way the details are attacking my retina in #2 and #3…. #1 seems a little burned out.

    How many different exposures is #2 and #3 composed of?

  • tratcliff

    Thanks all!

  • Susan

    Beautiful Trey! I don’t remember seeing that third one before – gorgeous colors!

  • esh

    I love the clouds(drama) excellent

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  • canon t1i

    funny funnyyyy… :D

  • Canon T1i

    Costa Rica looks beautiful! Amazing photography!

    – Moose
    Editor of the Canon T1i Blog

  • The Wonders Of Wandering

    Wow, all of your photos are just infused with light. They literally jump off the page. Love your photography! I recently started a blog about my adventures in Costa Rica, I would love for you to check it out. Happy wandering and maybe one day I could get one of your prints for my home…just amazing. -Daniella

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