I ask for your Bloggies Vote by Appealing to you with an Asian Model

Last year I was nominated for the bloggies and I lost to my worst enemy, the FlickrBlog. So, to the extent that people out there like to see pictures of models, and to the extent they like the occasional model that is of the Asian persuasion, then here you go!

I would appreciate your vote for the 2008 Bloggies! I hope you vote for www.stuckincustoms.com in the "best photography of a weblog" category! :)

I ask for your Bloggies Vote by Appealing to you with an Asian Model

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  • http://www.equil.net/ Henrik Sundholm

    Too much clothes on, though ;)

  • http://www.ViewFromTheTundra.com gb

    LOL!!! Don’t pull any punches, put some Europeans up too!

  • http://erictakespictures.com Eric

    Whoa….What happened to your wife?

  • http://cyrusrad.blogspot.com Kourosh

    I would rather to see something like “The Farm at the Fjord at Sunset”…. finding pics from a model is such easy thing, but I found it so hard to find a beautiful place like the ones that you have taken photos from!!
    all ur photos rock, even the ones from models ;)

  • Natesh

    Lovely key and backlight i guess

  • Dave

    Wow, she’s rockin’. You have my vote. :)

  • http://photohobbist.com/ photohobbist

    really nice one! i love her pose and lighting.

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