Summer Sky in Shanghai

Shot from the Bund…

Summer Sky in Shanghai

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  • Susan

    Beautiful Trey….midnight blue – love it!

  • Henrik Sundholm

    Beautiful! However, still waiting for pictures of Sweden ;)

  • Joe Hunt

    Nice shot of the BUND at night. Next time go in September for the Moon Festival! Fireworks and Moon Cakes.


  • Beth Whitman

    You’re photos are amazing. You shouldn’t be giving them away! Found you through Stumbleupon, by the way.

  • laanba

    This is beautiful. Perfectly exposed though I’m sure that is partly the HDR. But I like HDR shots where it doesn’t scream HDR and all you see is a beautiful image like this.

  • Kristin

    how can I get in touch with this photographer? Email?


  • tratcliff

    Thanks… yes… you can email me any time :) Sorry if there is a slow response.. I am backed up

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