The Tapas Bar at the IFC

Here is a shot of a cool tapas bar on top of the IFC in Hong Kong.
The Bar at the IFC

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  • charles

    very nice! There wasn’t much polution that night, I’m kinda suprized.

  • Okinawa

    Great shot, trying to get into doing the night stuff myself!

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  • GeckoKid

    Hiya, I was there 2 months before you too, and took a similar photo:

    btw your photos are awesome! You make me wish I visited India!

  • Chris Thio

    Hi, Where exactly is the Tapas Bar at IFC in Hong Kong. Is it at IFC One or IFC Two (the taller of the 2 buildings)? Where is the entry point to this cool tapas bar at IFC?

    Thanks for the information.

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