Shanghai Power

Here is a shot of Shanghai – the Pudong new area from across the Bund. A diamondvision floats by, showing the Chinese the latest consumer product of aspirational value.

Shanghai Power

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  • Okinawa

    Is you’re ever in Japan let’s hook up, I am very interested in your HDR technique. I shoot HDR in Japan.

    Japan Photos

  • Bruce Dillahunty

    I’ve really admired your work… now you finally have something of a nautical theme that I can link to from my boating site :-)

  • tratcliff

    Hey thanks – appreciate that

  • Rob

    You’ve got a good eye for travel photography, especially in your Flickr albums. Ever considering publishing a book? Could earn you some extra bank…

  • tratcliff

    Thanks – yes many people tell me to do a book – no time for that though… need a ghost writer and a publisher I think then maybe.

  • Min Thu

    This one is very good. You have got so many great photos. Shoot more :)

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