Twisted Inside the Fiber

This is a very unusual shot. You probably did not need me to tell you that.
Twisted inside the Fiber

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  • Johannes

    Ah, nice, the Suvarnabhumi Airport :)
    I was there for holidays lately but neither my camera nor my skills would have made such a shot possible ;)

  • Nick

    Hadn’t we already seen another very similar shot of the same airport, but not upside-down?

  • Dan

    Photoshop those office chairs out and you wouldn’t be able to tell up from down here….

  • tratcliff

    hehe yes yes – that is true. There was another pic like this from way back, yes…

  • HDR Photography

    That’s a wicked image. Kinda makes me want to fall over. :D

  • Min Thu

    hahaha… it’s upside down ;)
    Suvarnabhumi Airport video

  • wayne

    Live here for a while and this is the way you’ll think the country is ….Upsidedown

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