New York and New Flickr?

I uploaded the picture of Manhattan below to Flickr today and I started thinking about this daily routine. Upload… Blog here… Write something moderately interesting… Rinse and repeat.

Some of my friends mentioned that Zooomr was launching their Mark III software today. I looked into it and the new features look really sharp (although it hasn’t launched yet…it should later today). I watched a bit of this deal about the launch with Thomas Hawk (Zoomr CEO and cool photographer) and this 19-year-old programmer guru named Kris. I think that guy is pretty sharp… certainly dedicated and passionate and that’s 90% of the battle.

I am curious how Zoomr and such a small team can implement so many cool features when Flickr is fairly stagnant. I think Flickr is great and all…they just seem a bit lazy with adding cool features. It’s where I keep all my work and I will likely copy over some of my best to Zooomr as soon as they get that auto-import option turned on. Flickr has promised to give Zooomr the API as soon Zooomr gives theirs up, which should happen later today.

I put an extra picture below… another one of my favorites from New York, since this post has kind of a “new” theme.

Little Boxes at Night

Times Square at Dusk

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