Approaching the Altar

This was a five-exposure HDR from inside this Holland church at around 12mm.

Approaching the Altar

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  • [[[[|]]]]

    stunning as always! love it!

  • Gavin Williams

    All I can say is WOW! that is truly amazing! Do you find the more exposures you take gives you a better effect?

  • tratcliff

    Thanks yall – yes in these situations the 5 exposures is important I think.

  • Devon

    By what criteria do you determine whether an HDR shot will need more than 3 captures? Does it depend on the darkness of the scene? I typically shoot HDRs using the AEB on my 350D with descent results.

  • tratcliff

    Good question. I usually do 3 exposures too – except in conditions of extreme bright or dark. Churches usually have both inside

  • HDR Photography

    Great work once again.

  • moniquiu tm

    it’s really amazing! I wonder if you please could give me the exact adress of the church and the name of it because it has been very difficult for me to find! it would be a very big favor! my e-mail adress is

    thank you very much!

    keep up your incredible photos!

  • tratcliff

    Thanks – this is very close to the train station in Amsterdam

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