The House on the Corner

There was still a little snow and frost on the ground on this early morning when I walked around Reykjavik to get some shots. It was one of of those days I was happy to wake up before sunrise. The cloud cover was perfect for surreal HDR time!

The House on the Corner

Do you like the house in Trey’s photograph? Are you thinking about constructing a house?  If you’ve ever thought about designing a house you must first start the plans with what kind of house frame you want.   For help with planning for your home click here.

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  • Helen

    I knew just by looking at the photo that it was taken in Reykjavik. Love it.

  • Mo

    very interesting doorway…

  • smthng

    Hey Trey, I notice that your flickr shots generally don’t have any EXIF data (presumably it gets tossed during all the HDR processing). Do you mind if I ask what lens you used for this shot ? I like the angle and perspective distortion. Is it safe to assume you’re using a full-frame camera? Thanks!

  • tratcliff

    Yes – the HDR rips out the EXIF data. I think this was f4 ISO 100 with 15 mm lens. I do use a full-frame camera

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