Inside the Chernobyl Exclusion zone

I am currently writing Part 2 (edit: completed and located here) of my adventures in Chernobyl (Part 1 of the Chernobyl story is here). It’s kind of a long entry that I am writing this weekend, but I am taking my son camping so I need to get on that. I’ll post the full story tomorrow.

In the meantime, here is a new picture that I uploaded from the Chernobyl security gates that lead into the fallout Exclusion Zone. Below that, I posted a picture of the Chernobyl facility itself.

My Chernobyl Adventure part 2: Fallout Danger

Nuclear Winter in Chernobyl

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  • alexandru savu

    The second photo is a killer.

  • tratcliff

    Thanks – no pun intended right? :)

  • Tom Bailey


  • chaise lounge

    thanks guys

  • Lewis Boxer

    love the second photo

  • Matt

    The second photo is not an HDR right? It looks like it was was edited with Topaz or Lucis Pro?


    Hi Trey !!
    As u know I forgot my camera when I was there at ground zero.
    Your shots and words give me the shivers like I am still there !!!!
    Creeps baby !!

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